Senate Bill 56: wrong way

Juneau’s conservative message is cut government spending. And it was never louder than in the Reagan years  when the President signed a bill into law that said, essentially, “No person shall serve more than 10 years in a federal prison for a non-violent crime.”  

Soon every city in the United States was crawling with newly released drug addicts and dealers who were rapidly back into business as usual on the streets, and in our schools.

Rep. Seaton’s push of Senate Bill 56 is not only wrong headed but also a real danger to our children and community at large. Yes, do the math, protection of our communities costs real dollars. What are the billions of dollars of oil surplus, dollars in the general fund, emergency budget reserve and hundreds of millions in the accounts of  AHFC and the others for? Oil company tax breaks? Or the protection of our communities. 

The early release of these criminals will cost millions above the cost of keeping them incarcerated as this conservative bill refuses to see.

John A. Anderson