Senior Portrait: Damon Weisser

Homer News is spotlighting local high school students

Editor’s note: Homer News is excited to present a new weekly feature, “Senior Portraits,” spotlighting Homer high school students.

Homer senior Damon Weisser has lived in Homer his entire life.

His favorite classes at the high school were Spanish I & II and AP Literature and he has also participated in student council, track and cross-country running.

His favorite memory is “dressing up like a unicorn at the 2022 state cross country meet.”

In the rest of the year he enjoys ice skating on Beluga Lake, sledding on the reservoir road and “all winter activities in general!”

His hobbies are building things, drawing, painting and collecting weaponry (swords, lightsabers).

One thing he can’t live without is his parents.

Advice for incoming freshmen: “Putting off work until later does not make it disappear. The work stacks itself into a tower that will eventually fall on top of you.”

Weisser says: “I am most proud of my ability to make my own income and build a life for myself.”

One place that will always provide inspiration is Kachemak Bay. “Those mountains are amazing.”

Weisser’s quote to live by: “Don’t give up when you are struggling through hard times, even the darkest night must give way to dawn.”