Shame on you, Homer

A few weeks ago a young person here in Homer was victimized, traumatized and assaulted at a party by a group of Homers supposed role models and athletes.
To the parents who let their children go to parties, shame on you, underage drinking is illegal.
To the parents of the middle school age children who were at this party, shame on you, maybe you need to be a little more on top of where your children are.
To the administrators and coaches whose response was pathetic at best, shame on you. Obviously stats and scores are more important to you than justice.
To the students who stood around took pictures and video and posted them for the world to see, shame on you, for not taking a stand and stopping this from happening.
And last but not least to the students who perpetrated this event, shame on you, you have a bright future ahead of you.
My final comment for all is I wonder how differently you would feel if it was your son or daughter, your friend or cousin or you yourself on the receiving end.
Sorry, Homer. Rutgers is here and well in our cozy little hamlet by the sea.
Alexander (Sandy) Stuart