Share the Spirit shares numbers

Here it is: The much requested and late as usual report on the Share the Spirit Food and Gift Basket Program. 2015 was another successful year, and this was due to the whole-hearted support from the community. We thank each and everyone of you.

With our partners, the Homer Community Food Pantry, The Salvation Army Commodities Program and several well-placed advocates throughout the Kachemak Bay region the following households received assistance: 60 families from communities across the bay; 25 from the Ninilchik area; and another 188 scattered from Anchor Point to the head of the bay. We reached approximately 500 children under the age of 18; 125 senior adults; and 150 veterans or their households.

2015 is on the record books and we look forward to next season, but before we get to that we want to let the community know Share the Spirit has been offered an opportunity to fluff up our bank account with an eye to sharing with our area partners. Simply put, we have been offered the chance to work on an upcoming convention be in held in our town this fall and we will be coming to you over the summer asking for your help with this endeavor. We look forward to seeing you all and to your continued support for our ongoing project. Thank you for all your efforts past and future and please always remember to Share the Spirit.

 Kelly Glidden, Jonathan Adams and Shari Daugherty

Basket Program co-chairpersons