Sixth graders appreciate adventures

From the sixth grade class of McNeil Canyon, we would like to say thank you to HoWL and Ashore Water Taxi. These two organizations lent out some gear we used for a big field trip. Thanks to them our class made lots of memories that we will treasure  forever. Each of the groups paddle boarded for hours and it was amazing!

If you don’t already know HoWL is a cool organization that cleans up on Earth Day and offers awesome trips. You can go and play extreme capture the flag and make hot tubs, you can also participate in day trips or extended trips on the Kenai Peninsula. Libby Bushell (the director of HoWL) was very kind renting some of HoWL’s  boards and even loaned us one of her personal boards.

HoWL lets others rent some of their gear, too. If you rent their gear I am sure that you will have some of the best outdoor experiences like we did, with the help of Dave Lyon (the owner of Ashore Water Taxi) who let us rent some of their paddleboards, too. Ashore has lots of fun activities like taking you across the bay and going to see puffins, or a guided tour; lots of  fun stuff for the family.

These two organizations helped us in having a wonderful rare opportunity for our sixth grade class. Thank you HoWL and Ashore Water Taxi from the bottom of our hearts. With such an amazing community and generous organizations we are able to dive into new adventures!

Halle Lapp, Kaya Dalke, 

Ulita Basargin, Emmet Wilkinson

and the McNeil Canyon Sixth Grade Class