Ski club working on improvements

A sincere thank you goes to the Homer Foundation, and specifically the Ashley J. Logan Fund, from Kachemak Ski Club. Despite the lack of snow this year, we are optimistic, and working on improvements, including development of a new website. And with your help, we are now on the way to promoting the rope tow and the history of tow, in operation since 1948. You also are helping the club with partial payment of insurance, our largest yearly expense. This enables us to keep our daily fees at the gate low for families and youth of Homer. And lastly, we are very excited about having your help to purchase and install a new wireless cut off switch, for the operator at the top of the hill. This will allow our volunteer operator to stand closer to the tow, and move about, shoveling snow in the tow path and retrieving lost mittens if necessary, instead of being glued to the seat in the little hut.

Thank you, Homer Foundation and the Ashley J. Logan Fund; we couldn’t make this progress without you.

Nell Gustafson