Smith: Let’s own our community

As if it were cemented in time, the earliest memory of my entry to Homer, in 1974, is canvased onto the outside wall of the bathrooms at Paul Banks Elementary School. That mural is an enduring legacy to the imaginations of a wide-eyed group of 3rd-5th graders. 

My image of choice was the truck that we drove when relocating to Homer. It had a camper that my brother and I happily rode in, as we could lay on our stomachs in the cab over portion, peer out its front facing window and fly our spaceship down the road destroying all oncoming battle-bots that dare approach.

I remember the sense of awe and wonder that captured me as we came over the top of Baycrest and the vista of Kachemak Bay unfolded before us … almost as if we were arriving with Peter  to Neverland.  Forty-one years later that same awe is experienced every time I come over and down that hill.  

Homer is home. 

I love this place. 

I love this community.

I am running for City Council because I care deeply about our future. My pledge is that I will work hard with you, and the council, to find the best path forward in ensuring we have a community that will generate awe in our future generations. As we all take ownership in this pursuit the payoff will be immense. Please make sure to vote. It’s our city, let’s own it!