Some memorable words from 2013

Notable and quotable quotes don’t just come from the rich and famous. There’s a gold mine of inspiration all around us. We found lots of memorable words from those who were featured in the pages of the Homer News during 2013. Here are a few of our favorites that also serve as reminders of the year’s top stories:


“As Americans, for us to believe that we’re going over the cliff and that we’ll be gone as a society, I will never believe that.”

— Sen. Mark Begich, D-Alaska, speaking 

in February with area residents gathered in the 

commons of Kachemak Bay Campus


“Marriage equality is what I prefer to call it. There should not be any discrimination. That due process should be afforded to all. That includes those who have chosen to love somebody of the same sex.”

— Sen. Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska, speaking 

at a Homer Chamber of Commerce luncheon 

during a July 4 visit to Homer


“It’s not as much about the plastic bags to me, it’s about the idea that our government is becoming a nanny.”

— Justin Arnold on why he led a petition drive 

to repeal Homer’s ban on thin plastic bags; the ban was successfully repealed by voters in October


“Homer has a lot to offer. It’s an incredibly beautiful place. There are a lot of opportunities here. I regret I won’t be part of it, but I’m proud of the job I’ve done for the last couple of years. I gave it my heart and soul.”

— Monte Davis, upon announcing in March 

his resignation at executive director of the 

Homer Chamber of Commerce and Visitor Center


“I’m one of the lucky ones. Over half the guys I flew with were either killed or wounded. I’m not complaining. I got off easy. A lot of guys never saw their 20th birthday. If there are any heroes around, they’re the ones.”

— Vietnam War veteran Sgt. Randy Clifford, after receiving replacement medals 40 years later from 

Sen. Begich at a July ceremony at the American Legion


“I just felt that it was time we had a different voice on the council. Everything that I could see coming out of the council — I didn’t see real sound business decisions being made.”

— Gus VanDyke, during his successful campaign 

for a seat on the Homer City Council


“A constitution would open up new pathways for the citizenry to feel more enfranchised with government.” 

— Ken Castner, on why he wants Homer to become a home-rule city, at a city council meeting in October


“I’m hopeful that folks will be convinced that the bill can be improved. It’s not going to get my vote if it’s not going to protect the right of Alaskans to participate.” 

— Sen. Peter Micciche, R-Soldotna, on House Bill 77 at a public hearing in December