Southern Kenai Peninsula Commercial Cannabis Update

Applications to date:

Active— Marijuana Control Board has issued license subject to METRC (Marijuana Enforcement Tracking, Reporting and Compliance) credentialing and preliminary inspection:

• Talisman Farms, 62250 Crossman Ridge Road, Homer

Owner: Omar Gucer, Homer

Initiated — License application has been submitted:

A1 Cultivation, 24640 Sterling Highway, Anchor Point (near Happy Valley)

Standard marijuana cultivation facility, retail marijuana store

Owners: Kenneth Rohrbuck, Anchorage; James Spearin, Homer

Affiliates: Kenneth Scollan, Robert Honda, both of Anchorage

• Alaskan Cannabis Outfitters, 41945 Sterling Highway (near Green Timbers Road), Homer

Retail marijuana store

Owner: Great White Bear LLC, Anchorage

Affiliates: Great White Bear LLC, Anchorage; William Bear, Homer

• Baycrest Farm, 67448 Green Timbers Road, Homer

Owner: Baycrest Farm LLC

Affiliate: William Duggan, Homer

• Blind Eye Cannabis, 54845 Trapper Lane, Homer

Limited marijuana cultivation facility

Owner: Blind Eye Cannabis Ltd.

Affiliates: Thomas Brown and Camille Courtright, Homer

Tabled — Marijuana Control Board considered application and tabled to a future meeting pending review by local government:

• Cannaboyd, 35047 Lowbush Street, Homer

Limited marijuana control facility

Owner: Jason Boyd, Homer