SPH: Please observe visiting hours

It is important to all of us at South Peninsula Hospital that we provide a safe, comfortable environment in which to be cared for. And we are proud to provide that for you locally, right here in the community, keeping you close to home and your loved ones. It is our goal that all who come to the hospital — both as a patient or a visitor — feel welcomed and safe here. 

In our request to the community to help us maintain a safe, healing environment, we respectfully request that visiting hours be honored when possible. Suggested visiting hours are 10 a.m.-8 p.m. in Acute Care, and 9 a.m.-8 p.m. in Long Term Care.

Family visitation is encouraged to help with the healing process, and we understand that there are times when visitation is necessary outside of the posted hours. We are more than happy to accommodate those visits as necessary.

All visitors arriving after 8 p.m. are expected to check in with the registrar or the security officer at the main entrance, regardless of how frequent your visits might be.  You may be asked to wear a name badge during your visit off hours.  

Please respect these efforts for improved safety and accountability at your community hospital, all in an effort to provide an even better environment for your loved ones to rest and heal. Thank you for your continued support of South Peninsula Hospital.

Derotha Ferraro

Director of Public Relations

South Peninsula Hospital