Standing ovation for Stepping Out

I want to thank the audience that attended Stepping Out last weekend to show support for the cast and share in the experience. What the audience doesn’t see is the vulnerability of each cast member and the emotions we endure and enjoy going through before the curtain opens. I watched people push themselves through discomfort to explore comedy, romance and drama through music, dance, writing and visual arts. We created props, scripts and beauty,  collaborating together to portray the depth of each scene as a theater family. 

I personally could not have expected all the rewards of this experience; pride I could perform in a way I never had tried, bonds built through choreography and improvisation and the rawness of taking risks to expose our truth, stories and ourselves on the stage. I learned from each person involved and will remember this experience for the rest of my life. 

I also like to extend bittersweet appreciation for Jessica Williams. She was the epitome of professionalism; a talented, diplomatic, compassionate and supportive leader during this production. Her experience of theater shines in many ways. Our community has been lucky to receive her gifts at many different events the last two years and we will feel her absence as she moves on with her family this summer. 

If you have never experienced the performing arts, or any art for that matter, I encourage you to try it out. Sing in your showers, paint on your walls, build things and dance in your kitchens. Check out what else Homer Council on the Arts has to offer for you. Their mission is to provide  everyone with the chance to include arts in their lives. 

My life would not have as much happiness, health, fulfillment or friendships without the opportunities they have provided me, both as an artist and an audience member.

Until next time in the limelight — everyone.

 Sierra Smith