State being short-sighted

It saddens me that Alaska Ferry Adventures has to shutter its doors and release its staff due to the recent budget actions of the Alaska Marine Highway System. 

This past summer I returned to visit Alaska from my home in Chicago after serving in the U.S. Army at Fort Richardson from 1966-1968. A friend and I booked our Glacier Bay tour with Pat Merrill using the Alaska State Ferry as our main mode of travel on the Inside Passage. The professionalism and extra service that Pat provided made our trip memorable. I probably would not have made the trip if I had to navigate the Marine Highway website to make ferry  reservations or other accommodations by myself. Pat made it hassle-free. We also supported local economies besides. 

I think it’s short-sighted to punish businesses that assist both resident Alaskans who travel within the state and those of us from “the outside” who visit from afar. 

Bob Sprengel