Studded tire deadline extended

The Alaska Department of Public Safety Commissioner Joseph Masters issued an emergency order Tuesday extending the studded-tire deadline to May 1 for all Alaska roads, including the Sterling Highway and the lower Kenai Peninsula. According to state law, April 15 is the normal deadline for Alaska roads south of 60 degrees north latitude. Roads north of latitude 60 already fall under the May 1 deadline. The 60th parallel crosses Alaska south of Ninilchik and north of Happy Valley and Yakutat in the Southeast. However, the Sterling Highway that runs across the Kenai Peninsula also falls under the normal May 1 deadline. The emergency order gives motorists the option of driving with studded tires on all Alaska roads until May 1.

“The extension should provide all motorists that additional margin of safety on lingering winter roads,” said a press release from the Department of Public Safety. Those driving with studded tires after May 1 could get a correctable ticket with a $50 fine.