Student apologizes for behavior

To all of those who have supported me throughout my high school career, I am apologizing for my actions last weekend. I have let you all down. Please believe me when I say I know how big my mistake was and that it will be in my head until the day I die. I ask that you remember who I am and who I still am. I will work twice as hard as a student athlete for the remainder of my high school career to try to gain back the respect and support I have lost from you.
To the people in the community who have made incorrect assumptions toward the Homer High School football team, I would like to make sure you understand that my actions can only be reflected on myself and not on the team. My brother and I were two football players out of more than 20 students who allegedly consumed alcohol before the dance. Other students made the same bad decision. I ask that students behaviors be criticized as individuals and not as sport teams or group activities they participate in.
To the football team and the parents of the players that have always supported us, I wish to again apologize for letting you down. I care about you like you are my brothers; I hope you all can forgive me eventually. I wish you all the best at state. You deserve to be there.
I would like to again apologize and say that I have learned my lesson and I can honestly say that I will never make a decision like that again. I realize now how many people are affected by my one choice, and that thought alone will dissuade me from ever acting so recklessly again.
Mark McGregor