Student grateful for scholarship

I am a recent graduate of Homer High School. A few months before graduation I attended a talk given by Joy Steward of the Homer Foundation regarding college scholarships and I learned about the Beluga Tale fiction writing scholarship awarded by the Tin Roof Fund. 

As a student who recently discovered the joy of writing, I eagerly submitted an application and three samples of my recent writing projects. I was ecstatic to learn that I had been picked to receive this $3,000 scholarship to help with my first year of college. 

It is with deep appreciation that I would like to thank the Tin Roof Fund and its donors, the Homer Foundation, Joy Steward and everyone who is involved in awarding this scholarship. I would like to especially thank the anonymous donor for their generosity.

 It is because of you that I will be able to attend my first year of college at University of Alaska Anchorage and focus on my classes and not have to try to juggle a full class load along with a full-time job. 

Over the next four years I will be pursuing a degree in social work, and when I receive my diploma I will remember that one of the reasons it was made possible was because of your belief and your appreciation in my ability and talent as a fiction writer.

Words don’t seem enough, but thank you. 

Megan Garoutte