Student harvesters honored at festival

Staff report

The green thumb and creativity of Fireweed Academy students was recognized at the charter school’s Harvest Festival, Sept. 25, 2014:

Best in show: 1. Leif Restad’s “Mouse Hunt,” 2. Beatrix Strobel’s “Gary the Gryphon,” 3. Maggie Mae Gaylord’s “Flower Fantasy”

Most colorful: 1. Maggie Mae Gaylord’s “Flower Fantasy,” 2. The Person’s “Apple Fly”

Most odd: 1. Dillon Welty’s “Bob the Turtle,” 2. Stephanie Zuniga’s “Ballerina from Planet Tri,” 3. Zak Wylde’s “Sir Lancelot”

Smallest: 1. Christian Matthews’ “The World’s Tiniest Mushroom,” 2. Laura Davoudlarian’s “Tiny Brussels Sprout,” 3. Zion Iida’s “The Carrot Car”

Largest: Wyatt’s “Big Bob”

Most creative: 1. Hope Sterns’ “Swans in a Lake,” 2. Leif Restad’s “Mouse Hunt,” 3. Christian Matthews’ “Rub a Dub Dub”

Funniest: 1. Poppy Smith’s “Psycho Squash,” 2. Audrey Chandler’s “Potato King,” 3. Fox Strobel’s “Gryphon Dinosaur Product”

Cutest: 1. Laura Davoudlarian’s “Princess/Alien/Zucchini Baby,”  2. Elena Badajos’ “Butterfly Pollinating Flower,” 3. Serena John’s “Candy Bunny”

Gryphon: 1. Beatrix Strobel’s “Gary the Gryphon”

Most fragrant: No entries.