Students get interview practice

“Tell me about yourself.”
These four words can elevate your blood pressure, open your sweat glands and speed up your heart rate. For most of us, interviews cause stress, worry and trepidation. Fear of the unknown plays a role in that anxiety.
To alleviate some of that stress, the juniors and seniors of Voznesenka created portfolios and practiced interview scenarios. With the support of some Homer agencies, each student then had at least one opportunity to be interviewed and receive feedback to help him/her plan for the future.
We would like to express our sincere thanks to the following Homer representatives: Andrea Peterson, city of Homer; Jessie Cashman, South Peninsula Hospital; Kate Mitchell, Nomar; Eric Knutson, Project Grad; Gary Squires, Redden Marine; Jessie Ryan, Kachemak Bay Research Reserve; and Steve Wolfe, Wolfe’s Lawns.
“Nothing diminishes anxiety faster than action,” said Walter Anderson.
On behalf of the Voznesenka Applied
Communications class,
Katherine Serge-Hoeschen