Students learn from artists

Fireweed Academy was most fortunate this year to work with two outstanding artists through Bunnell Street Arts Center’s “Artist in the Schools” program. Lynn Marie Naden engaged with our third through sixth grade classes, working with low-fire terre cotta and utilizing primitive methods of clay work. The students made beads, cups, bowls and spoons using the pinch pot technique as well as making ovoid rattles, hollowing out an ovoid shape, and learning scoring and slip, and incising  techniques. It was a lesson in technique, planning and a most valuable experience in patience. 

Also through the “Artist in the Schools” program, Jimmy Riordan worked in the medium of book art with our K-2 students, creating books based on the theme of conservation. The students learned about the history of bookmaking as an art form, the technical and physical aspects of paper and the use of folding and tools to reach the desired results. The kids were able to create four types of books ranging from thread-bound, an accordion style, a hard cover style and an animated pop-up card. 

When all the glazing and firing was complete, all the paper stitched, folded and glued,  the kids held small receptions where they shared their projects with family and friends. Both Lynn Marie and Jimmy were fabulous to work with and truly  involved themselves with the kids and their creative minds. Our students are very lucky that with support from the Alaska State Council on the Arts,  Bunnell Street Arts Center  continues to  participate in this program, enriching our community and our young people through creative art process.

Janet Bowen

Outreach coordinator/administrative specialist

Fireweed Academy