Suggestions for helping beach area

This letter to editor is to say goodbye to Misty my companion animal for the last 12 years. She had helped me cope with anxiety disorder along with other health issues since moving to Homer almost 10 years ago. She used to visit Bishop’s Beach regularly up until the last couple of years. Recently her age and possibly a brain tumor and /or strokes caught up with her and she is gone.

Since Bishop’s Beach has been in recent news and I used to walk Misty there, I also would like this opportunity to weigh in on recent issues. Behavior at the beach has changed since moving here in 2005 and people in general are not reading or respecting the signs that have been put up a few years ago telling cars to only go to right and asking dog owners to pick up their dog’s waste.

Also, sorry to say, the younger crowds after hours seem to litter more than I used to see, leaving broken glass and garbage that endangers all.

Here are my suggestions. I know some will not agree with me, but just consider there are plenty of other areas to use ATVs and drive on beach.

1. I would like to see cars stay in parking area except to get coal off the beach and keep trash Dumpster in parking area available all year. The beach should be for pets and walking only.

2. As a community, remind all beach users to pick up trash and dog waste.

3. Have a sign posted of easy to read “Beach Rules” so people know what is allowed.

4. Have police focus on education of any new rules and only enforce tickets and fines to repeat offenders or if actions are an immediate danger to public.

Thanks for reading my take on this, 

Skylar Phoenix