Super splash of thanks

Living, breathing working and being by the sea is fantastic. Learning safety skills is essential. Thanks to the many supporters of the Voznesenka School Marine Safety Program, students from grades sixth through 12th grade were able to test their navigational skills, personal flotation and immersion suit skills, make survival kits and learn signaling skills. 

These activities thrive in the Old Believer village of Voznesenka, thanks to the support from the Homer Harbor Office personnel, Division of Boat Safety, AMSEA, Anna Ivy-Borland, Joey Krascezki, Eric Lehm with the fishing vessel Julia Lynn, the Kachemak Emergency Services, and the parents, staff and students of Voznesenka. The staff involved can’t thank those involved enough for your time, energy and positive educational experience. 

Lisa Nordstrom

Voznesenka teacher