Support keeps KBBI running

Keeping a radio station on the air and serving a broad community of listeners requires a considerable investment in technical infrastructure and support. In recent months a number of people and businesses have helped KBBI maintain on-air and backup systems, and deserve to be noticed for their assistance. 

My appreciation for this level of community support for KBBI is, needless to say, tremendous. 

I’d like to recognize Phil and Kachemak Gear Shed, David Fry, John and In Demand Marine, David Mogar and Specialty Electric, Dean Ravin and Full Power Starter and Alternator, Suburban Propane, and Daniel Bolton. Many of the systems these folks worked on allowed KBBI to stay on the air during the fierce winds and power outages in early February. Thank you all for your willingness to help and your quality work.

David S. Anderson, general manager

KBBI Homer/KDLL Kenai