Supporters of Sea Week helped students learn about heritage through food

In Nanwalek and Port Graham, our K-12 students welcome the spring tides by engaging in Sea Week. This year, our theme is “Foods from the Sea Make You and Me!” Sea Week brings opportunities for students to learn about their culture, traditions, and environment from both local “professors” and outside experts, culminating in a traditional foods potluck. Support for these activities is appreciated! 

The students and staff of Nanwalek School and Port Graham School would like to thank K Bay Air for their generous donation of round trip and inter-village tickets for a visiting artist and two naturalists during this incredible week. We could not have provided these activities without your generosity!

We would also like to thank the many local residents who pass on their knowledge to our youth, Bunnell Street Gallery and the Artists in the Schools Grant for bringing Drew Michael over to work with students, Center for Alaskan Coastal Studies for partnering with us to provide science activities with naturalists Seth Spencer and Lean Thon, North Pacific Rim Housing for donating supplies for the Nanwalek potluck, the Alaska Sea Lion Commission for teaching Nanwalek students about sea lions, Chugachmiut for providing the Cultural Heritage Kit about Foods from the Sea, and to all others who have contributed in some way.


Principal Nancy Kleine

Nanwalek School and Port Graham staff