Swimming lessons appreciated

To Kellie Blue and the Bay Club staff: 

Thank you for hosting our elementary folks for Learn-to-Swim. This opportunity could not have been possible without a generous contribution from migrant education; KPBSD Federal Programs Department. 

Bay Club instructors were able to identify each of our student’s level of  development and improve upon.  A post assessment was completed and a list was generated highlighting those needing follow-up lessons to meet the abilities of their peers. We look forward to working with you in the coming months with some of our secondary students. 

Alaska waters are big. It is essential that each of our captains and deckhands have the skills they need to stay above water if found in a  situation where they need to swim to safety, or tread water for an extended period of time. Thank you for giving our students the skills and confidence  they need to become proficient swimmers.

Don’t forget to put on your PFD.

Andy Rothenberger, principal 

Kachemak Selo Scho