System rewards perpetrators

In light of recent news bringing awareness to domestic violence, adopting the Green Dot program (Homer) and anti-bullying subjugation (nation wide), I say it’s great that we stand together. Support is needed for victims and greater community awareness of whom the perpetrators are. I also strongly feel we need to look at a few more facts — i.e., the young Homer man, assaulted in the fall of 2012, still has received no justice or closure in this incident. The perpetrators are quite possibly in Hawaii, unsupervised.

We should look into the legal system in this town.
What is the hold-up in this case? Why are the defendants free to do whatever they please when there was a crime committed? Protection and awareness are great, but what happens when a person needs that legal system for protection and that system gives you  delays and further victimization?

Look back at the judge’s rulings in several domestic violence cases— especially when the perpetrator(s) have  money and lawyers like the one representing Resetarits brothers. 

What this town really needs is a judge dedicated to the practice, process and purpose of the law. We truly need a judge and a system that doesn’t reward the perpetrator(s). 

Kari Hoffman, a concerned citizen