Teach your children well

If you choose to believe what you were programmed to believe, you are nothing more than automatons (robots). When you teach your children not to think for themselves, you program them to think the same myopic and imbedded preconceptions that continue to impede us from true human evolution. 

Teach your children well and encourage free thought. We are all born with mental abilities that are suppressed, for conformity’s sake, but you can overcome your programming. You can use more than 10 percent of your brain. Believe in your dreams and the better world you can help to create.

The greatest good anyone can do is to advance our understanding that we are all one. This is the simple key to human evolution. Our children are the conduit that we must instill to believe in a world without hate, prejudice and a vision that anything is possible.  

Wherever I go children are the same around the world. Children are the hope of the world, so teach them well, that we are one, and they can help make that a reality.

James Mikesell