Teens raise awareness of homeless

Teens United For A Future wants to thank all of the volunteers and teens representing the 37 homeless school students at the first Annual Homeless Awareness Rally in Homer Dec. 1. The signs and displays, amazing teens standing up for their peers and the group of adults standing together showing we care about our community of homeless families and teens was so moving.
I personally want to thank these individuals for their creativity, hope and compassion to all of our homeless: Marlaina Theil for her inspiration and all her help; Dana Payne for her spirit; P.J. Payne for his energy and commitment; Mallory Drover for her support and caring attitude.
To the teens, thank you for your commitment to solutions and hope and for standing out for hours in the cold representing your homeless students of Homer: Dylan, Rayce, Shainna, Haylee, Shawn, Joe, Kimmy, Jacob, Michaela,Josh, Amber and more.
A huge thank you to two amazing young adult women who called out of nowhere to be part of this event and our newly formed Homer homeless committee. Rachel and Reba Sena, your spirit and volunteerism to a cause you believe in shines in you both and your inspiration affects all of us.
To all of the homeless: We care and are finding solutions to this community problem.
Thank you all,
Janet O’Rourke and Teens United For A Future