Teens say thanks

We would like to thank Steve and Noko Yoshida, Jane Little and the Homer Rotary clubs for their tremendous support in sending Katherine Dolma and Taylor Ellison to the Rotary Global Peace Forum in Honolulu, Hawaii. Not only did we have a fantastic time, we learned a lot and received more support for our project, CAMP.
CAMP (Caring About My Planet) is a program that we have designed to bring children, especially children with adverse childhood experiences, into the great outdoors. We hope that by immersing these kids in nature they will become better leaders, have higher self-esteem and better life skills. We will take them canoeing, hiking, play games and spend some quality time around a campfire.
Without the support of Steve, Noko and Jane, our project would not be coming along as easily as it is, so we would like just like to give them another huge and sincere thank you.
Taylor Ellison and Katherine Dolma