Thank you, Homer

…From “Homer Events” for supporting a couple of rather unique events in our 2016 Winter Carnival. I refer to the Mr. Homer Pageant hosted by Chris Story (thanks, Chris), which this year had five entries, each a little crazier than the next, with the winner being Erik Schreier. 

Erik is very much looking forward to making appearances at Homer community events during his reign as Mr. H. To get ahold of him just Facebook Homer Events and leave a message. We’ll get back to you quick. 

I’d also like to thank the five Outhouse Racing Teams who “graced” our event after the parade this year. Northern Enterprises ran away with the event, with the Elks outhouse team being voted “Crowd favorites” and Equal Scratch For Chicks recieving the “Mostest-Awesomest” Outhouse trophy. 

Homer Events is a not-for-profit entity whose goal this year was to raise money for two charities, Hospice of Homer and Helping Hands of Anchor Point. As a result of these two events each will receive more than $400. We wish it could be more, but thank all the sponsors and attendees for their kind contributions. 

And finally a personal thanks to all the volunteers and helpers who helped Homer Events once again bring a few smiles to our sleepy little hamlet by the sea. I realize that I sometimes push pretty hard to make things happen, and I almost feel bad about that … until I see the smiles that result from your work. Then, for some reason, everything feels good. Me, too. 

Let’s do it again!

Dax Radtke

Owner/mischief maker

Homer Events