Thanks from AP postmaster, retired

On Jan. 3, 2014, I retired from the United States Postal Service as the postmaster of Anchor Point. I have enjoyed my time serving the customers of Anchor Point and the surrounding communities.

I would like to thank my staff Loretta Stapel and Christy Drake, HCR Driver Carol Coleman and her Alternates, Retired HCR driver John Butcher, Custodian Mark Chapman and the Nikolaevsk CPU Manager Kira Tipikin and her daughter Olivia. It is due to their professional ethics and hard work that I have been successful in my position as postmaster.

I would also like to thank other postmasters and postal peers that have supported me throughout my years with the Service. We are a postal family, and with open communication we make an awesome team.

Most of all, I want to thank all of the customers who put their trust in us to perform our jobs with pride and dedication. We are here because of you. 

Again, thank you and happy new year.

With sincerest wishes,

Eleanor H. Sarren

Postmaster Retired