Thanks from new council member

Many thanks, Homer, for electing me to city council. I look forward to serving you for the next three years. Many people shared their confidence in me with family and friends leading up to the election and I appreciate that grassroots effort. 

I believe the voters who elected me desire to sustain our quality of life now and all that represents for the long-term future of Homer. I’m aware I have a learning curve ahead and I’ve been studying so I’m ready to face our budget issues as soon as I’m sworn into office. Balancing our budget will require a realistic view and willingness on the part of Homer residents to share our financial burden fairly. 

Having six people run for two seats on city council this year shows sincere interest Homer’s city governance. I’m thankful to the individuals who ran and the perspectives each brought to the campaign. All these voices need to be heard and I hope those who were not elected will continue to participate. There are many ways to help shape the future of our community.

Donna Aderhold