There’s a big difference between conservatives, today’s protesters

The headline of the Anchorage newspaper, Thursday, Nov. 10: “Trump’s victory is met with shock across a wide political divide.” Not exactly sure to whom they were referring though.

These words are followed by some reference to riots and so-called protests by what can only be described by a bunch of whiney little cry babies.

Remember back in 2008 when Owe-bama took office, and then again in 2012 when he was re-elected? Remember how the conservatives took to the streets and burned businesses and destroyed property and rioted against the police?

No! You don’t! Know why? Because conservatives don’t feel like they are entitled to things. We don’t want the government to take care of us, we want the government to stay out of our lives and do what they were elected to do.

News flash, they are not elected to give you things. They are not elected to make your life fair or even with your neighbor. They are not elected to make laws that only apply to some people and not others. They sure as hell are not elected to tell you, you must buy a product (so-called “affordable” health care, what a joke). They are not elected to tell you that this law applies only to one type or category of American and not another.

Owe-bama, in just eight years, has done more harm to this country’s race relations, credit rating (reduced), unemployment (higher) and price of gas (doubled). He added how many trillion dollars to the national debt, extended unemployment to nearly two full years, nearly doubled the amount of people on food stamps, and all the while reduced the number of full-time workers, home ownership, median income, and increased the debt to GDP, (gross domestic product), for future generations. These are all figures straight from the Department of Workforce — USDJOB.GOV.

Other facts, and I know how liberals hate facts, but the 13th Amendment to abolish slavery only had 23 percent Democrat support and 100 percent Republican support. The 14th Amendment to give citizenship to those freed slaves had 94 percent Republican support and 0 Democrat support. The 15th Amendment giving the right for all to vote, 100 percent Republicans in favor, 100 percent Democrats against.

Now I know this doesn’t work with the liberal narrative, and the facts just don’t lie, but the KKK was created as the military enforcement arm of the Democratic party. Black Lives Matter is also proven to be funded in part by the DNC as well as Democratic Party “donors.”

Trump had never been accused of being racist or a womanizer until he ran against the Democratic Party. Then, as is usually the case with liberals, all the accusations crawl out of the woodwork. Funny thing how the accusers are all part of the Democratic National Committee in one form or another.

Finally, to all you whiney protesters who are not going to have everything handed to you so you can sit on your fat arse. Grow up! Do what adults do and stop whining. I’ts getting on everyone’s nerves.

And huge kudos to those young men and women running all over town on election day with your Trump flags flying high. You give me hope for your generation!

Phil Celtic