Time to reorganize Board of Fish

An open letter to Alaska Governor Bill Walker:

There has been quite a bit of discussion in recent weeks about your actions in changing the membership of the Alaska Board of Fish. You are to be commended for viewing this as an important aspect of your job as our new governor.  I believe it is time to change the entire structure of this body.

In the past, there have been seven members, three representing commercial fishing, three representing sport fishing and a single member representing subsistence and personal use fishing. I believe that a new structure should be built around two members representing commercial fishing interests, two members representing sport fishing interests, two members representing subsistence and personal use,   and a chair who will be a qualified biologist who represents no political or user position, but who will only be responsible for seeing to the health of the resource.  

It is time to reorganize and create a healthy Alaska Board of Fish that actually represents both the end users and the resource.

Michael Craig