Time to usher in better government

The newcomers of Homer do not understand the need for respect of Homer’s forefathers, those who made Homer the welcome refuge it is, honoring critical habitat as well. The new “implants” believe money will solve all the problems.  

They are wrong. These United States are failing “the people” in every financial corner today (unless one belongs to a corporation — which has no “homeland”). We have been derailed to the wrong track since the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. We have been put to sleep by corporate fear and technology, and would still be sleeping had the rest of the world not started to notice our unmistakable military overtures in many other countries. 

It would be interesting to learn which individuals were the culprits that kept Homer in lockstep with a “first class city,” at a time when we had the chance to understand (the ways and means) of keeping a fair peace between us in our own community. Let’s go back to that table of February, 1976, and start all over again. It is time to usher in a better Homer government system. Form a commission to write the charter for “home rule,” and give Homer (and the entire country) some hope that “the people” really are in charge of each community’s destiny. How many of these same people (Dr. Paul Eneboe, Nick Gangl, Angelo Hillas, Richard Inglima and Milt Turkington Sr.) can still be asked to serve on that commission today? Certainly Ken Castner would be at the top of that list. 

Let’s bring back some experience to/for Homer. 

Most of us already realize we are living in a police country and that it’s only a matter of time before the air will cost us something to breathe. Changes for the good must start somewhere. It may as well be Homer, Alaska, where country bumpkins co-mingle with city slickers in a pretty good way. It is time for all of us to be concerned. Be very, very concerned. Our last opportunity for “freedom” may just be a “home ruled” city. 

Maka Fairman