Tragedy produces morbid curiosity

I would like to thank area fire departments for their quick and professional response to the house fire on Rainbow Court. They are amazing, dedicated volunteers who do a dangerous, difficult job, and I cannot express our gratitude sufficiently. Sadly, our neighbor lost his life in the fire. 

In the face of that tragedy, we are thoroughly disgusted with the number of people who have pulled onto our quiet, dead-end street “just to take a look.” A neighbor whose house is closer to the street put the number at at least 150;  cars were backed up three and four deep at times. 

I don’t know what kind of morbid curiosity leads people to do such a thing, but in the future, I hope those people will ask themselves, “would I want a parade of strangers driving by to gawk at the site where my friend/father/son/brother died?” I thought Homer was better than that. 

Cristy Fry