Trails Symposium great event

The Homer Parks and Recreation Advisory Commission embraced change this year. Instead of continuing with Parks Day, an event that had been poorly attended in recent years, the commission created a whole new concept: the Trails Symposium.

Homer on the Move was the brainchild of Deb Lowney, conceived in a MAPP gathering of “walky-bikey” folks just a few months ago.

This first time event went impressively well. Displays were interesting, informative and attractive. The schedule was well thought out and effectively implemented, allowing all the groups to contribute their part of the conversation. How inspiring to see all the pieces coming together in this way, the presentations flowed beautifully from one to another.

The public came, and joined in with thoughtful questions, innovative suggestions and additional pertinent information about trails of all stripes and non-motorized transportation in general.

I imagine all who participated left feeling as inspired, reinforced and validated as I did. The success of the event is testimony to the vision and dedication not only of the members of the Parks and Recreation Advisory Commission, but also MAPP, ReCreate Rec, Safe Routes and all the other participating organizations and individuals.

I’m so glad I had the opportunity to attend, participate and benefit from the shared energy and knowledge.

A hearty, healthy, resilient thank you to all who were involved in Homer on the Move!

Catriona Reynolds