Travel ban hurting tourism

Heads up about an unintended consequence of the travel ban!

Our business is already seeing a decline in bookings because of the executive order creating a travel ban for certain peoples. We have lost spring business, which is very important to the success of our year, because travelers from Mexico and Canada were unsure about what to expect in the United States, and unwilling to put up with possible disruptions in their itineraries. They canceled their trips.

People we have worked with for many years, who are from countries not on the travel ban list, such as Canada, are experiencing long delays, increased scrutiny and what seems to be general security harassment in airports.

Word gets around. People at the recent city council meeting were upset by the thought of a Homer boycott because of the inclusivity resolution. What about a boycott of the United States in general? Alaska is, as you know, part of the U.S., and we are already seeing negative effects because of the travel ban.

The tourists that visit us here are going to be Alaska ambassadors in their own countries. They will review their experience, and encourage friends to come here in the future. We depend on them, and enjoy their presence in the community (mostly). Let’s make them welcome. Call our legislators and tell them you are concerned by the negative effects the travel ban is having, and will continue to have, on our tourism industry.