Travel offers different world view

I got the chance to travel to South America and explore Chile and parts of Patagonia for the past two and a half months because of a very unique travel award given by the Alain and Daniel Rieser Scholarship, supported by the Tin Roof Fund at the Homer Foundation. This award made it possible for me to experience an entirely new culture and place and meet people with very different lives than mine.
When I would tell people how my trip was possible, they were amazed that an award like this existed. I feel incredibly lucky and fortunate to have the opportunity of exploring different parts of our world and viewing it through a different perspective.
I think it is really important for us to experience foreign cultures and meet the locals who live there in order for us to have a greater understanding and appreciation for the world. So, thank you Homer Foundation and donor of the Alain and Daniel Rieser Scholarship for making these opportunities possible.
Kaya Morelli