Treated badly in Homer

For years, a group of Harley-Davidson motorcyclists ride to Homer in early May to spend the night and enjoy pizza at a favorite spot at the base of the Homer Spit where we’ve always been treated well. This is a group of motorcyclists who are family-oriented, ride and have fun, don’t smoke or usually even have more than one drink. 

This year an exception to this normally fun adventure was the treatment our group received. Knowing we had a group from Anchorage meeting with a group of locals, we called ahead and asked if we could bring about 21 patrons to the restaurant. We were told yes.

The 10 local folks arrived and were seated. The motorcyclists, wearing their protective leather gear arrived. At the outset, we were treated rudely. As we tried to be seated, we were told there would be a room fee of $75 for taking up tables (a fee that was not mentioned when calling for the reservation). However, the locals in our group were told they were OK and they could stay. I asked for the owner/manager, who told me the $75 was for taking up half the dining room. I told her we were all going to be eating (we’d ridden down specifically to eat here), but was rudely told there would be a $75 room fee. At that point, 21 people got up, left and went to the Harbor Grill on the Spit where we were treated well and spent $400 or more.

I am appalled by how we were treated, apparently due to wearing black leather. 

Just to be clear, I will continue to come to Homer, as will dozens of other motorcyclists multiple times each summer, but only frequent those establishments who wish to receive some of our discretionary income, including the Driftwood Inn, AJ’s Old Town Steakhouse, Duncan House and the Harbor Grill.