Troupe shows way to give back

Your very own burlesque troupe, The Bait & Tassels, would like to sincerely thank all of their audiences during this past month’s performances. Equally, we would like to thank Alice’s Champagne Palace for being so accommodating to our beloved audiences. Cindy, you and your staff are incredibly sweet, dependable and hardworking. Our hats are off to you.
We have just turned one year old. The Burly-Q Review was our opener in December of 2011. Seven performers then, our first show raised $3,039 for Bunnell Street Arts Center. During our Bottoms Up! show in March, we donated $177 to the Haven House and $287 to Kachemak Bay Family Planning Clinic. We had then grown to nine performers. We excitedly participated in this past year’s Rock-A-Billy Ball, an annual fundraiser for KBFPC. During Catch & Release, we donated $740 to Bunnell Street Arts Center.
With the biggest cast of performers yet, the Bait & Tassels grew to 14 performers strong in our recent show, Under the Big Top! With a $2,000 troupe contribution given toward the production of the show, we were able to give a $1,000 cash donation to the Kevin Bell Ice Rink Arena and an additional $933 to Bunnell Street Arts Center.
Like most all artists, we do it because we love it. All of our inspiration is organic, and every performer is committed to the integrity of the entire show. Two months prior to each show, we commit six hours weekly, to rehearsals and many more hours at home crafting our D.I.Y. costumes and props. We answer to each other, creating a healthy checks and balances system. We have invested with our hearts, minds and wallets, while continuously keeping a priority to give back to the community.
As the founding conductor of this glittery, bustling, burly train, it’s time to give sincere recognition to this generous group of performers, supporters and volunteers. We have grown to an amazing capacity in one year. Thank you for your vivacious spirit and true commitment to bringing confidence, edge, beauty and intention to the stage by way of this American art form. This troupe is a vibrant bouquet of ever blooming, can-do-it-ness. I am impressed and humbled to share the stage with you all. You are all gems.
We have certainly made due with our resources at the end of the road, but it is our New Year’s resolution to invest in our performance skill. We are eager for outside, professional burlesque influences so we can continue making this show a successful evolution. The Bait & Tassels has yielded a total donation of $8,176 to four separate nonprofits in Homer within one year. Cheers!
We want to continue rightfully serving our audience’s developing burlesque palette so we can continue raising money to support local missions we believe in. Stay tuned for our game plan on seeking that outside instruction, and thank you so much for loving us, loving you.
My best,
Brianna Allen