U.S. on road to recovery

The United States is on the road to recovery from 30 years of Bush-Reagan fascism. Except for having the airports in Anchorage and Washington, D.C., named for two of the worst hard-core fascist criminals of the 20th century, and the five fascist Justice majority U.S. Supreme Court, Bush-Reagan fascism is receding into history.
However, at the state level fascist corruption is alive and well. In Alaska we have Governor “Capt. Zero” and Congressman “Major Disaster” leading the way back to the bad old days of fascist corruption exemplified by Ted Stevens and the Corrupt Bastards Club being bought and paid for by Bill Allen and big oil.
The major fascist propaganda organizations i.e., the NRA, Murdoch’s Fox network, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the Republican National Committee, Tea Party, fascist talk radio, etc. continue to spew their big lies. They have unlimited funding from anonymous big money sources, thanks to the fascist majority Supreme Court’s “Citizens United” decision. If that can be corrected, fascist corruption at the state level may dry up as well.
Frank Vondersaar