UA spending essential to future

Editor’s Note: The following is an open letter to the Legislature that was submitted for publication.

My name is John Fenske, I live in Homer, since 1978 after living in Anchorage. I have been involved with the college in Homer beginning in 1982 and have served on its advisory board from the incorporation of the Community College into the University of Alaska in 1986.

I would like to speak to the university budget.

You are right. The university needs to tighten its belt. They have gotten top heavy and bloated. They have lost perspective and are having a difficult time dealing with our fiscal reality.

I would suggest that the legislature lead by example and show them the error of their ways. You as our fiscal leaders could first take a 15 percent cut, across the board; wages, travel, per diem and maybe knock off 12 days of the session, make it 78 days and come back on your own time if need be?

You have a difficult job. My being facetious doesn’t help, no disrespect meant.  

It isn’t necessary or required to have “higher education, or college” to sit on the legislature, but to get by in the world today, to truly provide expanded and enhanced capabilities to a demanding future workforce, “higher education is essential.”

My suggestion: We must reduce spending, but not spending that is essential to our future revenue, and leadership.

Thank you for your kind attention to this request.

John Fenske