Uplifting performance applauded

In this world of suffering and confusion, where peace is war, and freedom is slavery, we still found a spot in this little hamlet where love managed to leave the light on for us. There is no other time in the history of music evolution where dancing humans fill the room with one heart beat, one love. It could have happened anywhere, on that special day where millions of Americans gathered to pray for world peace, freedom from bondage, celebrating silently with purpose. April 20, 2013, when 80,000 people gathered together on the lawns of the state capital, in Denver, Colo., to share the spirit of peace and freedom, but, it also happened in Homer at the Down East Saloon with the group, Uplift. It’s called the 420 celebration.

Thanks to those precious earth puppies that quietly presented their intention through the sound of reggae music. Thanks to the singing ladies, Kim, Kayla and Jahnie, you sounded like angels. Thanks to the strength of word and tone from lead singer, John Schipes, who holds that earthy rhythm together like no other. And thank you to the rest of the players for harmonizing when necessary, and for playing with such heart felt, blending, to the beat; Dave on electric guitar, Collin on drums, Steve on bass, Jason on horn and congas, and Jen King on keyboard.

Bless the light workers who took us through the night and into the morning safely, without even a hint of violence in the crowd. Also special thanks to Mike McGuire and John Schipes for the enchanting drumming duet … it kept our hearts pumping to the tribal nature that lives in us all

Thank you all, for UPlifting our spring-like, Celtic-Marley hearts, and sending us into the heat of summer.

Maka Fairman