Vocation library needs resources

A couple of years ago, several dozen souls gathered to organize a folk school. In support of the folk school idea, the Wooden Boat Society organized the Homer Vocation Library at 158 W. Pioneer Ave., Suite C (in the rustic cabins across the street from Don Jose’s). Frankly, we are hoping that this library re-invigorates the folk school formation process.

Thanks to amazing community generosity, Homer Vocation Library has strong book and magazine collections in boatbuilding, boat design, seamanship, navigation and piloting. Our collections of books in architecture, building, alternative energy, mechanics, carpentry, agriculture, natural health, spiritual life, and cannabis are growing and could use additional books. We seek donations of books on cooking, nutrition, fiber arts, homestead arts, music, and graphic arts. If you have books to donate, please bring them to the library.

If you have skills to pass on, kindly get in touch with us to register your contact information and what skills you want to teach or train an apprentice. Currently youth have indicated interests in farming, horticulture, fiber arts, animals and cooking. Prospective mentors and instructors can drop by Homer Vocation Library weekday and Saturday afternoons, e-mail homervocationlibrary@gmail.com or call 235-2628 (235-BOAT).  

Lindianne Sarno