Volunteers help monitor bay

It has been due to the close observation of community monitors and Kachemak Bay residents that two “blooms” of plankton were detected this summer that could have impacted water quality and the organisms living in the bay. 

The Kachemak Bay Research Reserve would like to extend their appreciation to  our dedicated team of community monitors and residents who volunteer their time to observe and document changes in Kachemak Bay. Acting as a first line  of defense, these folks are helping us to recognize when bloom events are happening so they can be analyzed for any potentially harmful effects. These committed volunteers collect water and plankton samples, which are brought to  our office for analysis. Other volunteers also help to count and identify plankton or monitor for potential marine invasive species in Kachemak Bay. 

Having dedicated community monitors scattered around the bay enables residents to effectively collaborate with agencies, such as the Kachemak Bay Research Reserve, to track and respond to environmental issues of community  concern.  If you would like to join in becoming a community monitor for Kachemak Bay, please contact us at the Kachemak Bay Research Reserve at 235-4799. 

Terry Thompson 

Reserve Manager