Vote Bernie for socialism

I happened to see the funniest, yet most appropriate bumper sticker the other day. It was so typical of today’s liberal mind, and truly tells everyone just exactly what liberals really want: a free ride for everything.

The sticker said, and I quote: 

“Bernie – Because F@%# this S@%#.”

Sooo classy, huh?

By the way, in typical hypocritical liberal fashion, it was on the back of a large, full size gas guzzling pickup truck, the exact same vehicle that the liberals tell all the rest of us are evil and destroying the planet, and need to be outlawed — for everyone else, except them.

Now this sticker tells me a few things. Freedom of speech is only to be squelched if it is talk against liberalism, as the language is pretty strange to promote a candidate for the office of the President of the United States. It also shows me that there is a 99 percent likelihood this is an Obama supporter and even after nearly 8 years of this man doing everything in his power to try and destroy the country with his policies, and stepping all over the Constitution, and practically making the United States a third world country, the liberals still didn’t get what they want with the next step of full-on socialism. 

Socialism has failed everywhere it’s been tried, except for those in charge who live like royalty while the populace live day to day on the scraps they are allotted by the wonderful “People’s” government. It makes me wonder why anyone would want this lifestyle for themselves and their family. 

Oh yes, they are not economically proficient enough to understand that the biggest problem with socialism, is sooner or later, you run out of everyone else’s money. The people that earn it get tired of supporting more and more of the people that don’t earn it and live only off the government. 

News flash people, as people fall out of the work force, tax dollars, (which is what fuels the welfare state liberals all seemingly want us all to live in), start to dwindle away, and as that happens, the economy gets tighter, and the money starts to go away, even from those that were so adamant about promoting this life style. Simply put, the government cannot give you anything without first taking it from someone else.  

Just for the record, if “Bernie” wins the White House, be prepared for people like me, standing by your car when you leave the grocery store waiting for my half of what you just purchased in the store. I’ll be at the gas station to get my half a tank of fuel at your expense. When I go to a restaurant, I’ll tell the server that the next person in line will pay my bill. When I need medical attention, I’ll be sure to get on the list and die long before it’s my turn. Oh wait, that happens now.

That’s exactly how socialism works. 

Phil Celtic