Vote ‘no’ on recall

I encourage you to vote NO at the special election on June 13. The allegations of misconduct against David Lewis, Catriona Reynolds and me in the recall petition and ballot are false. Sponsoring resolutions brought forth by Homer citizens, allowing the resolutions to be heard at a council meeting, and voting on them is an important role of city council. It is appropriate conduct, not misconduct.

The recall statement alleges that sponsoring and voting on two resolutions, 16-121 and 17-019, demonstrate misconduct. These resolutions followed appropriate process and no misconduct occurred.

Resolution 16-121 regarding the Dakota Access Pipeline, sponsored by David Lewis, came before city council and we deliberated publicly. I voted for it because the resolution asked federal agencies to apply required process to their decision-making. Not following process sets a precedent that could someday negatively affect Homer and the natural resources we depend on.

I co-sponsored Resolution 17-019 on inclusivity at the request of a constituent. An early draft of the resolution was posted by a constituent on social media. None of the sponsors sanctioned this release, and I did not know of it for several days. Meanwhile, I continued to work with colleagues and constituents to craft the final resolution, which was included in the city council packet and presented at the Feb. 27 meeting. The resolution came before council, we listened to several hours of testimony, and we voted. I voted against the resolution based on public testimony. The resolution failed on a 5-1 vote. Read the actual resolution I co-sponsored at this link:

I pride myself on truthfulness, following process, and being open and deliberative. I follow these tenets with all business that comes before city council, Resolutions 16-121 and 17-019 included. I am honored to represent Homer citizens on city council and in this role I work hard to do what I believe is best for our shared future.

Much of city council work is in the background: listening to constituents, meeting with the city manager and other city staff on issues to come before council at future meetings, developing a deep understanding of issues facing the city, studying each meeting’s packet. I vote based on my background work, public testimony, and deliberation among city council members. I am sure everyone reading this has agreed with some of my votes and disagreed with others. I assure you I always vote in what I believe are the best long-term interests of the city and its residents.

Recall of elected officials is an important component of our democratic government. Alaska statute requires that there be grounds for recall. The Superior Court ruling on our recall lawsuit stated that the voters decide whether there are grounds. In this case, there are no grounds because there was no misconduct.

A NO vote on June 13 preserves the freedom of your elected city council members to bring forward resolutions and ordinances following proper process and vote without fear of reprisal by recall.

Donna Aderhold was elected to Homer City Council in October 2015.