Vote ‘yes’ on Proposition 1

The legislative session is over, and things aren’t looking good for Alaska’s budget. After passing the Oil Giveaway last year, now Alaska has a $2 billion annual deficit.  Yes, “billion” with a “b.” At the rate we’re going, all of our savings will be gone soon.

It didn’t have to be this way. If we put our resources to work, we can have America’s lowest taxes and some of the nation’s highest wages. Remember — it’s our oil. Oil from the North Slope is owned by Alaskans.  

Senate Bill 21, better known as the “Oil Giveaway,” reduced the income we get from Our Oil.  After passage of the Oil Giveaway, we have budget deficits. I am a prime sponsor of Proposition One to repeal the Oil Giveaway, because I think we Alaskans should benefit from oil development.

Let’s get back to balanced budgets, starting by repealing the Oil Giveaway and voting “yes” on Proposition One.

Vic Fischer