Vote your conscience Tuesday

Food for thought, instead of voting for the candidate and/or party that attracts your support with their positions on the issues, think about considering voting for the person and party who has not misrepresented either his own or his opponent’s position and record. 

The half truths espoused by mainline politicians and their political PACS and Super PACS are indicative of the problems experienced in Washington these days. 

Let’s be clear, both the major parties are equally at fault. Voting for candidates who stand idly by while their party and supporters deliberately misrepresent their opponents records or position is an endorsement of their dishonesty. Think about it, do you really believe that a person or party that misrepresents the efforts of others is in fact honest about their own?

There are candidates out there who are honest and highly principled. They may not be supported by big money but they should be supported by the populace. It may take a bit more effort to seek them out but it will prove to be a worthwhile endeavor for the benefit of future generations. Send a message that integrity matters. 

Vote your conscience next Tuesday. Please vote.

Bernie Gareau