Wake up, Homer — please

This message is for anyone who is willing to take the time to read it. 

I’m the mother of Kimberly Payne, if you’ve read the papers lately, you know who she is. But, you may not know me. I chose to believe my daughter was doing fine. I chose to believe her lies. Now you know where that got us. 

For a long time now I’ve been seeing a dark cloud over me. I’ve talked to my pastor and my friends, and they seem to have dark clouds sometimes, too. Well, I believe my dark cloud and a lot of Homer’s dark clouds are drugs.

I would really like it if parents would listen to people who know about drugs — would take time and go to these programs offered by groups trying to educate us. Parents, relatives, friends, neighbors, everyone in Homer should be willing to learn more about the mess we are all in. 

Let’s clean up Homer, and reach for a better tomorrow for all our children. 

The first thing Kim and I were told was that for her to get clean and stay clean she has to change her friends. Well, I say let’s try to help all her friends and more change and get better themselves. 

There seems to be a walk-a-thon for a cure for almost everything. Let’s start a walk-a-thon for “Get Clean, Get Off Drugs.” Let these kids and others know we care. We want to help. We want Homer back to our clean, little hamlet by the bay. 

Join — Care — Communities 

Against Drugs Everywhere,

Dana Payne