Walker’s judgment risky

It’s been said that it’s wiser to deal with an undesirable but familiar situation than to risk a change that might lead to an even worse situation. 

 The Unity Ticket held great promise until Bill Walker’s foolhardy decision to drive all the way from Anchorage to Sarah Palin’s lakeside home in Wasilla to personally accept her endorsement. That bizarre act raised a huge red flag of what to expect should Walker win this November.

 What compels someone who wants to be our next governor to thoughtlessly cozy up to a former governor who dishonored Alaskans, quit mid-term, and still causes us an untold amount of embarrassment and shame? He must believe that it’s just peachy to unethically misuse Alaska’s esteemed office and position of governor for personal gain and benefit and abandon her duties, as Palin did. To what other irresponsible notions does he aspire? This certainly doesn’t bode well for the numerous administration, judicial, and perhaps, legislative appointments he would make if he was elected.

 Alaska’s been at this “anyone-but-him” juncture before when someone totally unprepared and unqualified to occupy the governor’s chair was subsequently elected. Chaos and mayhem followed. 

Better to not make that mistake again. My vote for Alaska’s stewardship no longer tends towards Walker. Sean Parnell’s failings are manageable. Bill Walker’s judgment is too peculiarly risky.   

Andrée McLeod